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350W beam moving head light

  • Price:Negotiable
  • Model:AQ-350B
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Product Detail

    Product Specifications 

    1.Power supply: AC100-240V 50/60H
    2.Light source: OSRAM or YODN 17R 350W bulb
    3.Power: 450W

    Technical Parameters
    1.Color temperature: 6700k, 4500k
    2.Color wheel: 13 colors +white light, half color effect
    3.Gobo wheel:13 colors +white light, half color effect
    4.Channel: 16 or 20 channels
    5.Control mode: DMX512, voice control, self-propelled
    6.Prism: two prisms can be superimposed, 8 and 16 prisms, the combination can be 24 sharp and clear beam effects, the gobo line is infinitely zoomed out, with atomization, double strobe.
    7.High brightness, thick beam effect, beam angle 0-3°
    8.Focusing: High-precision glass optical lens, electronic linear HD adjustment.
    9.Atomization: 1 independent atomization effect, natural light spot
    10.Pan/Tilt : 540 ° (160 bit precision scanning) electronic error correction /Tilt: 270 ° (160 bit precision scanning) electronic error correction
    11.Display:LCD display
    12.Sleep function: When the lamp is disconnected, it can automatically enter the sleep state, which makes the lamp more stable and safe. It can also set the sleep time by itself. 
    13.Intelligent heat dissipation: wind direction drainage and temperature can only monitor technology, according to the temperature of different positions of the lamp, automatically Drive the fan in different parts of the luminaire for effective cooling.
    143.Motor: a three-phase motor, which is fast, smoother and quieter.
    15.IP level: IP20
    16.Size: 55*38*28cm

    17.Weight 19.8kg

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